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Ohio News Stories About Kaiser Permanente

Sep 5, 2013, 12:49pm EDT
When Catholic Health Partners closes Kaiser Ohio deal, name will go away

Once Cincinnati-based Catholic Health Partners closes on its deal to buy the Northeast Ohio health care operations of Kaiser Permanente and a related health insurance plan, they will be re-branded under the name of the CHP subsidiary HealthSpan Partners.

The Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Ohio insures more than 80,000 people in the Cleveland and Akron areas

May 30, 2013 -

LORAIN — The parent company of Mercy Regional Medical Center is acquiring Kaiser Permanente Ohio’s existing health plan and doctors’ offices in northeast Ohio.

Catholic Health Partners, the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Ohio and the Ohio Permanente Medical Group Inc. made the joint announcement yesterday.

Ohio - Kaiser facility lost accredidation. 

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) suspended the health plan's current accreditation status...
Kaiser cut its medical budget while adding members, tied a portion of doctors' pay to how well they limited certain medical services and developed treatment guidelines based partly on advice from cost-conscious consultants.

2 workers are fired by Kaiser for deceit - 06/10/03 - Roger Mezger Reporter with the Plain Dealer

Kaiser Permanente of Ohio has fired two workers for allegedly changing documents so that the HMO would score higher in an evaluation.

"We discovered it, we promptly investigated it, we reported it, and we're fixing it," Patricia Kennedy-Scott, regional president for Ohio, said yesterday.

Kaiser Ohio 1997 Media Guide - kaiser 1997 media guide.pdf

Kaiser Permanente Ohio - Project 2: Keep it Confidential Health Care Information Systems 20 April 1998

A computer based patient record provides clinicians with complete accurate data and allows for
greater access to patient information. In our last project we investigated ways to reduce the cost
of medical records keeping and to improve access to patient records for Kaiser Permanente of

Section 1 – 34 THE SUNDAY PLAIN.DEALER, MARCH 27, 1977  - First profit in 13 years

Kaiser group .. reporting fiscal health

By William F. Miller .

It took 13 years and an investment of $37.5 million, but the Kaiser Community Health Foundation finally made a profit delivering health care inĚCleveland. Read more at: